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Lubricants in UAE

A Lubricant Is A Substance, Usually Organic, Introduced To Reduce Friction Between Surfaces In Mutual Contact, Which Ultimately Reduces The Heat Generated When The Surfaces Move. It May Also Have The Function Of Transmitting Forces, Transporting Foreign Particles, Or Heating Or Cooling The Surfaces. Automobile Lubricants, A Lubricant Is A Blend Of Base Oils And Performance-Enhancing Additives As Required By Car Engine, Gear Box And Other Functional Areas. Engine Oil Is The Most Important Of The All The Lubricants . Lubricants For Gasoline And Diesel Engine Are Different As The Load Cycles And Fuels Are Different. Industrial lubricants are basically defined as components like fluids, greases, and liquids. They are used in a large variety of equipment and applications. Most industrial lubricants include synthetic lubricants, emulsions, petroleum or mineral oils. There are many Manufacturing and Trading Companies in UAE. UAE is a major sourcing point for Lubricants in Middle East and Africa, Major Brands like - SCOPE LUBRICANTS, WEICON LUBRICANTS, SHELL Lubricants, CONDAT Lubricants, ENI Lubricants, DANA Lubricants, JET-LUBE, WHITMORE Lubricants, ENOLUBE, UNOLUBE, S-OIL, MOSIL Lubricants, KENTZ Lubricants, CALTEX are listed in REACHUAE
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