Al Namariq Al Naemah Building Materials Trading is one of the leading importers of a range of building materials in UAE, hardware, mechanical, electrical and plumbing materials in UAE with considerable years of high-level customer service. Al Namariq Al Naemah Building Materials Trading is a premium supplier of building materials in UAE catering to a large section of interior contractors, civil contractors, and leading commercial and industrial businesses.


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Al Namariq Al Naemah Building Materials Trdg has been able to significantly broaden the scope of our business by concluding favourable and long-term business rotations with premier construction firms in a short amount of time. We are certain to stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the current trend and working with the best and most passionate sales and marketing team. Our goal is to be the partner of choice for all relevant market channels, working consistently, guaranteeing high quality, and adhering to solid business ethics.

Get to Know Al Namariq Al Naemah's Primary Products

Al Namariq Al Naemah is committed to providing a comprehensive selection of building materials in UAE , hardware, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing supplies. We strive to offer products at competitive prices and are also a stockist for some well-known international brands. You can get all of Al Namariq Al Naemah's products from our online website, our extensive product catalogue, which is available in our stores, or from one of our sales representatives.
Power Devices:
We have a wide range of portable industrial-grade power tools. Al Namariq Al Naemah is a major importer and supplier of high-quality power equipment from leading brands in the industry.
Hand Tools:
A well-known distributor and marketer of long-lasting hand tools as well as outdoor equipment and accessories.
Electrical :
A major supplier of high-quality tools, electrical cables, and equipment in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates, and Africa for a variety of electrical requirements.
Packaging :
It is a one-stop shop for the company's packaging needs and a large supplier of a variety of materials for packaging.
It provides users of the product with safety by providing a variety of safety equipment, such as shatterproof headgear, heavy-duty gloves, and high-protection face and eye masks.

What makes Al Namariq Al Naemah Building Materials Trading stand out?


Quality Control 

Al Namariq Al Naemah provides you with a selection of high-quality goods made and designed in various parts of the world by some of the most well-known hardware brands. The cutting-edge technology and well-equipped tools provide the precision and usefulness required for heavy-duty industrial and everyday home use. In order to guarantee the satisfaction of each and every one of our clients, we make it our top priority to regulate the quality standards of our products. By achieving the best in quality and timely completion of our value-added projects, we aim to bring the best quality products to our clients. We strive to provide exceptional craftsmanship on every project we work on while providing the highest level of service in the hardware and construction industries.

Service Commitment 

Al Namariq Al Naemah strives to provide sincere, one-on-one assistance throughout the hardware solutions purchasing process for both businesses and homes. To ensure a seamless experience, our extensive sales team provides you with the best pricing options and adaptable payment plans. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you with specification input and after-sales service to ensure the maintenance and continuity of our products.

Extensive Outreach 

Our goal is to become your preferred supplier of building materials while assisting you in saving money and improving your quality of life. In order to boost their profitability and make international trade in the construction industry fun, simple, and accessible to everyone, we use our passion and commitment to develop and deliver cost-effective, high-quality, innovative products, as well as highly professional, efficient, and adaptable services to all of our customers and business partners.


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