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Batteries have three parts, an anode (-), a cathode (+), and the electrolyte. The cathode and anode are hooked up to an electrical circuit. The chemical reactions in the battery causes a build up of electrons at the anode. REACHUAE provide the list of major battery suppliers in Sharjah, ups battery suppliers in UAE, battery suppliers in Dubai, generator battery suppliers in UAE, forklift battery suppliers in Dubai, battery manufacturing company in Dubai, car battery dealers in Dubai United Arab Emirates.
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Best Battery Suppliers in UAE

A battery is an inherent component for many industrial and domestic uses. With an umpteen number of options available in the UAE market, it becomes an arduous task to find the one best suited for your business needs. ReachUAE is an encompassed form of online directory where the battery suppliers in UAE list their products. The unique aspect put forward by ReachUAE for battery dealers in UAE is that it allows them to showcase a niche business profile for each of the dealers. The synchronized and user-friendly listing format makes it easy for the customers to find the required battery suppliers in UAE. The list is curated according to the reviews and ratings in the Google business reviews and on other third-party authenticated sites. Batteries are available in different configurations, which are needed for the respective needs.. 

Types of batteries

The batteries are generally classified into two different categories, primary and secondary batteries. Let us look at different examples of batteries that come under two of these categories:

Primary Battery

Alkaline batteries:
These kinds of batteries derive their energy from zinc metal and manganese oxide. It is named an alkaline battery because it derives energy from the alkaline electrolyte, which is potassium hydroxide. It has a good shelf life, is small and highly efficient, and leakage is low. 

Aluminum Batteries:
Aluminum batteries are highly dense batteries, and the energy is produced from the reaction of aluminum with oxygen. And once it is used, it cannot be used again. It is a single use battery. 

Dry Cells:
Dry cell batteries are the most commonly used domestic batteries. These batteries are used in toys and remote controls. Dry cell batteries are now easily replaced by alkaline batteries as alkaline batteries have high durability and energy density. 

Secondary batteries

Secondary batteries are multi-use batteries that can be used multiple times. These batteries are mainly used in EVs, phones, automobiles, portable gadgets, etc. 

Li-Ion batteries:
These batteries are composed of lithium. Therefore, it gets its name, Li-Ion. Lithium ions are generated from the negative electrode and move to the positive electrode, then move back once the battery is charged again. This happens in every charging cycle.  

Li-Po batteries:
Lithium polymer batteries use energy from polymer electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes. They have a high energy density and are mostly used for drones, as they are lightweight. 

Lead acid batteries:
The electrode batteries are submerged in sulfuric acid electrolytes. They are bulky and used in automobiles, grid power stations, UPS, etc. 

ReachUAE: Find the Battery Suppliers and Shops in UAE

ReachUAE is a well structured online business directory in UAE. It does not just limit itself to battery dealers in UAE but also includes other business listings in UAE. The online directory easily helps purchase managers and even direct consumers reach out to genuine battery suppliers in UAE. The ReachUAE site makes it easier for them to avoid ambiguity when it comes to choosing the best battery suppliers in UAE.

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