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AIR CONDITIONING PARTS - An air conditioning system generally consists of five mechanical components: Compressor, Fan, Condenser Coil (Hot), Evaporator Coil (Cool), Chemical Refrigerant, Air Conditioner Replacement Parts, HVAC Replacement Parts, The outdoor unit contains the condenser coil, compressor, electrical components, and a fan. The evaporator coil, which is usually installed on top of the gas furnace inside the home. A series of pipes, or refrigeration lines, connecting the inside and outside equipment. Refrigerant, the substance in the refrigeration lines that circulates through the indoor and outdoor unit. Ducts that serve as air tunnels to the various spaces inside your home. A thermostat or control system to set your desired temperature. Replacement Air Conditioning & Heating Parts, AC Parts in Dubai UAE, AC Spare Supplies in UAE, AC Equipment Suppliers in UAE. Air Conditioning Equipment, Parts & Supplies provides suppliers of Thermostat, AC Grills, HVAC Products, Diffusers, GI Duct Accessories, PI Duct Accessories, Sound Attenuators, Motorized Dampers, Digital Controls, Defrost Controls, Air Louvers, Filter, Expansion Valves, Sound Activator, Fire Damper, HVAC Motors, Ecology Units, Sandwich Panel, Ecology Unit, Ventilation Fans, Sandwich Panel, Chillers, Condensing Units, AC Compressor Parts, Refrigeration Controls, Blowers, etc.
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Best Air Conditioning Parts Suppliers in UAE

ReachUAE helps you find the best air conditioning parts suppliers in UAE. This online directory is different from the tons of other online directories in UAE. ReachUAE helps you find genuine dealers who are, in all respects, worthy suppliers of air conditioning parts in UAE. The online directory became a standout because business listings are accompanied by a detailed business portfolio, which includes a complete product list and the brands they are dealing with. This makes it easier for customers to find air conditioning parts suppliers in UAE. The website is also created with the intention of being extremely user-friendly and this makes it the most visited website by the customers. It is ensured that no one will miss out on the new additions of air conditioning parts dealers in UAE because the web directory is updated frequently.

Types of Air Conditioning Parts

Compressor: This might be the most important part of the air conditioner. It is placed in the air conditioner's outdoor unit. The energy consumption of the air conditioner depends on the compressor, and it is the most expensive part of the air conditioner. The size of the air conditioner can directly correlate with the size of the compressor. 

Condenser Coil: The condenser helps in elevating heat from the refrigerant. This component is located outside the air conditioner. The heat that is created during the process is ejected from the machine with the help of a condenser coil.

Evaporator: The evaporator coil is located on the inside of the air conditioning unit. These coils are usually made of copper but can also be made of aluminum and steel. Copper is the preferred choice because it is a good conductor of thermal energy. Its maintenance is also easy.

Expansion Valve: The expansion valve helps expand the refrigerant into gas, and when the pressure drops, it also helps in the rapid cooling process. 

ReachUAE: Find the Air Conditioning Parts Suppliers and Shops in UAE

Apart from air conditioning parts suppliers in UAE, ReachUAE's comprehensive directory listing also includes a number of other companies. The list of companies will assist you or your company in locating the pertinent air conditioning parts dealers in UAE, and you can determine a comparable pricing structure by getting in touch with them. It will assist you in selecting the best company that offers high-quality goods at incredibly low, competitive prices. Find trustworthy air conditioning parts suppliers in UAE by using ReachUAE.

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