MERCURY SPARE PARTS TRADING LLC  Dealing in all kind of spare parts & consumables which includes Split AC, Package Units, Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units and Chillers, HVAC spare parts, which includes Factory Authorized Parts, Universal Parts, Compressors and Allied Products.
Factory Authorized Parts
• OEM parts – Compressor parts (Open Type Compressor, Semi Hermitic, Screw Compressor etc)
• Centrifugal chiller spare parts.
• Control Parts, Expansion Valve, PCB, Transformer, Contactor, Eproms, Flow Sensor, Flow Switch etc.
• Condenser and Evaporator coils, coolers etc.
• Condenser and Evaporator Motors, Bearings, Belts, Pulleys etc.
• Sensor, Thermostat, Circuit Breakers etc.
Open Type Compressor
• Semi Hermatic Compressor
• Screw Compressor
• Copeland, Bristol, Tecumseh, Maneurop Compressors • Hitachi, Toshiba & other compressors
• Rotary, Scroll & Refrigeration Compressors Universal Parts
• Liquid Line Accessories- Filter Driers, Expansion Valve, Sight Glass, Solenoid Valve & Coil etc
• Contactors, Capacitors & Tranformers.
• All Refrigerants- R22, R134, R404,R407,R410,R32
• Thermostats, 2way & 3 way Valves, Actuators etc– Honeywell & Siemens
• Copper coils, Copper Fittings, Copper Pipes, Rubber insulation
• Aluminum Tape, Duct Tape, Canvas Cloth
• Flexible duct, Coating & Adhesive
• Tools and Instruments
• Oils – 3GS/4GS/Synthetic-Polyester Oils etc
• Pressure Gauges and Thermometers
• Condenser and Evaporator coil cleaners
• Universal Motors, Bearings, Pulleys & Belts
Allied Products
• Air Purification: UVC Emitters, Air Cleaners, Air Filters , HEPA filters, Panel & Pleated Filters, Bag Filters, Gas-Phase filtration
• Air Curtains, Dehumidifier, Etc
• Vibration Isolators- Spring Hanger, Spring mount, Ice Maker machine
• Exhaust Fans, VAV, VCD, Fire Damper, Cable Tray, Control Panels, Duct Heaters, Fire Hose Cabinets etc.
• Chilled Water Pumps, MS/Copper Pipes, Valves.
• Refrigerant Recovery Units etc.
Consumables Products
• Oil filter, Drier Core D48 (Danfoss, Castel, York etc.), Emkarate Oil RL68H/RL220H,RL32H,Suniso 3GS/4GS/5GS Oil.
• Cotton Ragues, Hand gloves.
• WD40 Spray, CRC Cleaner, Easy Seal, Bison Kit, adhesive foaming acid condenser cleaner etc.
• Rubber Vibration Mounting Pad, Rubber Sheet, Loctite etc.
• Chiller Water Thermostat, Actuator, 2 way valve, 3 way valve etc.


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